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Letter to the Editor: Bush's immigration policy

Canton, Mich.

Dear Editor,

President Bush is trying when it comes to immigration.

He just appeared in Omaha, Neb. in front of an invited audience of 400 people to hear him talk about immigration reform.

He is trying but I don't think he has the right ideas to solve the 'problem'.

First of all, I am surprised he found 400 Americans in Nebraska to show up as an audience. Nebraska is one state whose economy that without immigration - illegal or otherwise - would collapse overnight.

I used to be in favor of closing the border but I am not anymore. There is plenty of room in this nation as anyone can tell you.

Mexico and the United States are close. The border is imaginary. Our populations have met in the middle of the continent and we are mixing now. The reality is that rather than a system to integrate these folks it should be admitted they are integrated. Mexico is part of the United States just as the United States is a part of Mexico.

I believe that dual citizenship is the realistic solution to this manufactured problem.

Presidente Fox calling Mexicans that leave Mexico for the U.S. patriots is just as absurd as President Bush calling for immigration reform even though during the time Bush was governor of Texas over 5 million illegal aliens entered Texas.

Anyone in North or South America is an American already. We are living our lives that way and it is about time our governments catch up to reality.

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