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Kunal Sah participates in National Spelling Bee

Kunal Sah with the pronouncer from the National Spelling Bee, Dr. Jacques Bailly. He has been the pronouncer for four years.

Kunah Sah, 12, of Green River participated in the National Spelling bee on May 31 and June 1 in Washington D.C. Kunal won the spelling bee at his school of Green River High and also the district spelling bee of Emery, Carbon, Grand and San Juan county students.

Kunal was accompanied to Washington, D.C. by his mother and father, Ken and Sarita Sah.

Kunal advanced to the third round of the spelling bee. The spelling bee national winner was crowned after 19 rounds.

"There were 275 spellers from all over. There were two from Utah, another boy and I. We took written tests and also did oral spelling," said Kunal.

Some of the spelling words included: haggle, precedent, nullipara, banally, basmati, lycanthropy and parasyntheton to name a few.

Kunal is hopeful that he will be able to return to the National Spelling bee next year and he's spending some time this summer working on word origins and learning to spell new words.

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