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Government forces Sah family to leave


Sarita Sah, Former Green River Mayor Glen Dale Johnson, and Kunal and Ken Sah meet for a final farewell.

The Sah family of Green River, Ken, Sarita and Kunal have received their final orders to leave the United States. The family has purchased tickets and they will be leaving the morning of July 6. They will fly from Salt Lake to Los Angeles to Korea and onto India.

Ken said, "It would have been a benefit to the administration to have done something for my case. I have been a good example of what an immigrant to the United States can do. We have never done anything wrong and we are determined not to be dishonest. It's too bad the politicians couldn't help honest people. We are leaving. The country is losing our taxes and everything we have worked for.

"It is a bad example to kick out honest people and yet those people who have come here illegally and been tricky to stay here, then they are allowed to stay.

"We just don't understand why this is happening to us, we are honest and we are being deported," said Ken.

"What are we going to do? When we reach India we will be homeless refuges, we are losing everything we have worked so hard to build these past 16 years. We will live with family in India temporarily until we can get on our feet and find a place," said Sarita.

Former Green River mayor, Glen Johnson said, "You were living the American dream and someone is pulling it out from under you."

Twelve year old Kunal, an American citizen, will leave with his family on July 6. He has a round trip ticket and is planning to return to Green River to begin school in August. He will stay with his uncle while his parents are in India. He is eligible to compete in the spelling bees for one more year and it is his goal to try to win the school and district so he might go to Washington, D.C. to compete again in 2007.

After this time he will reunite with his mother and father in India. The Sah family leaves with only suitcases of clothes and everything else will be left behind.

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