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Senior citizen activities

Seniors explore the hoodoos in Goblin Valley.

Recently approximately 70 senior citizens from around Emery County went on a road trip through Emery and Wayne counties. In each town, seniors gathered at the senior center and buses picked them up for a trip to the first on a day filled with fun stops.

Their first stop was at Goblin Valley. The Green River group brought salads and rolls to go along with the Dutch oven dinner cooked by Blaine and Raline Rowley of Castle Dale.

At the park, they toured the goblins, and they met some very interesting tourists from Germany and other places. When lunch was served, the tourists in the park were welcomed to join the group for a little Utah hospitality.

Following lunch and the goblin tour, the group reboarded the buses for the scenic route home. They proceeded through Hanksville, up through Capitol Reef, and on to Bicknell. In Bicknell, they stopped at a cafe, where the specialty is pickle pie and pinto bean pie. Each of the seniors came away with their own opinion of the off-beat pies.

On the ride home, the group stopped at Fish Lake and toured the visitor center there.

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