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Letter to the Editor: in Relation to Commentary by Jacob B. Hornsberger



I was very happy to read the commentary by Jacob B. Hornsberger in the June 27 issue of the Emery County Progress regarding Speaking Spanish and Assimilating. He expressed the issue very well, very positively. Would that all could understand this.

In relation to it, I think of my own relatives and family friends who never learned English or were much more comfortable speaking German. We didn't live near enough for me to hear the language very often. Although both my parents could speak it, they only used occasional phrases and sayings. Therefore, I was not able to learn it from them. This is something I have always regretted and have never had the opportunity to learn otherwise due to different circumstances.

I believe it is important to respect the language as part of the full culture of each and all. This is part of what makes the US interesting and great.

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