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Orangeville Honored Citizens

Tom and Grace Humphrey are Orangeville's honored citizens. They will serve as grand marshals in the Orangeville Day festivities.

Tom and Grace Humphrey, both born and raised in Orangeville, are this year's Grand Marshals for Orangeville Days, 2006.

Tom volunteered for active duty in 1944 in the US Navy and served during WWII. He has been active in the American Legion since 1946 and served as Commander for Post 39 for more than 33 years.

Tom served on Orangeville City Council for five years and 18 years as the city's mayor. Many good changes to our city were made during these years, including asphalting of our streets, secondary water system, and improvements to the park, ball complex and cemetery. Grace has been the city cemetery sexton for more than 30 years.

Tom was a member of the "47 Club" for many years until it was discontinued.

Tom and Grace were married in 1955 and are the parents of 10 children. They have 26 grandchildren with one on the way, and 12 great-grandchildren. They celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary last year.

Tom owned and operated his own motor grader and leased it and himself to various construction companies. This took them to live in several different places, including Nevada, Arizona, Idaho and various parts of Utah. They made the decision to move back to Orangeville in 1972. Later Tom sold his motor grader and went to work for American Coal in the warehouse. He then worked for Nielson Construction, where he has worked for more than 22 years.

Through all the years, they have been very loving and supportive of each other in their endeavors.

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