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Tournament Winners

Orangeville, 1st Place - Majors

Huntington, 2nd Place - Majors

Cleveland 1st Place - Minors

Green River, 2nd Place - Minors

Teams battled it out in tournament action over the weekend at the Huntington Complex. Teams coming out on top in the minor league division were: Ty Jensen's team consisting of: Jace Guymon, Brandon Oliver, Dusty Jensen, Nevin Jensen, Lane Gardner, Ty Goshorn, Dakota Tucker, Tony Daley, also on the team but not playing in the tournament were, KC Shaw and Shelby Jensen. The second place team came from Green River and the players were: Kameron King, Holden Marshall, Kaden Mecham, Diego Mendoza, Elias Polito, Blair Vetere, Adam Steuer, Alex Leon, Aaron Wilcox, Haden Phander and Tracie Engleman. In major league action the team from Orangeville came away with the trophies. The team consisted of: Coaches Wayne Huntington, Mark Tanner and Dannette Waite. Players: Jeff Gordon, Damon Downing, Cody Allen, McKay Allred, Terrance Bell, MJ Mower, Cody Morris, Gatlan Huntington, Alex Spears, Tayler Tanner and Bryan Downing. The second place team was from Huntington: Consisting of Coaches Rick Allred, Doug Mecham, Curt Collard. Players: Chance Ariotti, Brett Mecham, Ryan Thompson, Jacob Marshall, Justin Miller, Landon Fehlberg, Yoshio Espino, Shaydon Johansen, Booker Erickson, Courtney Justice, Derek Allred, and also playing with the team but not at the tournament was Beau Warner.

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