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Entrepreneur Camp at DWS

Students learn the basics of starting a business.

A unique opportunity for individuals interested in business was held at the Workforce Services. The Entrepreneur Camp sponsored by the Emery County Economic Development Employer Council had nine attendees.

The purpose of the camp is to teach young entrepreneurs how to develop and market a business plan, determine pricing, implement production strategies, and look at available financing.

The camp included books, handouts, basic Excel spreadsheet, access to marketing research on, and online support for the book and software.

Topics presented included:

Are you an Entrepreneur?

Business Plan Overview

Planning Process

Financials Introduction: How Banks Work & Forecasts

Marketing: Customers and Competition

Marketing: Price, Product, Placement, Promotion

Financials: Cash Flow. Putting It All Together

Those attending the camp included: Mandee Allen, Whitnee Hiseman, Heather Bone, Aaron Bone, Joshua Bone, Nathan Brower and Justin Mounteer.

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