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New Office for Nielson Construction Completed

Management and office personnel for Nielson Construction recently moved into their new office in Huntington.

After more than a year of on-again, off-again construction, the new corporate and business office for Nielson Construction is complete.

The new office in Huntington will provide much needed elbow room for the rapidly growing company and is the new home for the management and office personnel of Nielson Companies, with a larger conference room and planning room.

The new office will also greatly enhance the professionalism of the entire company and be the focal point for a company which has made huge strides forward in its capabilities in the past several years.

"The new office will raise our image of professionalism tremendously," said Wayne Nielson, company president.

Running the company in the old offices over the past several years has proven to be a struggle, with people literally bumping into each other in an effort to get the job done. "We outgrew this office so many years ago it's been amazing that we've been able to get things done," said Ralph Nielson, Nielson Construction Vice President.

The old office will be converted into the purchasing office and warehouse for the Huntington location.

The dispatch office and safety office moved to a trailer positioned to the south of the new office.

In another, smaller trailer in the same area Reed Brasher maintains the Nielson Lab, ensuring that asphalt and gravel meets necessary specifications for the company's customers.

The new office, along with the acquisition of an asphalt plant last year and a new consruction yard on Ridge Road near Price three years ago is all part of the Nielson's plan of investing heavily in the company their father, John C. Nielson, started more than 50 years ago, and raising it to another dimension.

"The new office is a great sign that Nielson's is growing and moving forward," Wayne Nielson said.

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