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Orangeville sponsors greased pig chase

Guest Writer

Kevin Amsden

The greased pig contest was held at the Orangeville Day on July 22.

The fence was up and the gates closed. This ball park is in the form of a oval and large enough to give the pig and the contestants room to run in.

Children of all ages were lined up at the starting gate anxiously excited about having the opportunity to catch a pig and claim the prize.

Three young pigs were used in the contest one black and white pig and two white pigs. The pigs were supplied by Theron Grange of Huntington. Jeff Tuttle with the help of Jordon Grange greased each pig before turning it loose.They used lard from a can to grease the pig.

The first contestants were children ages under 5. In this group Brody Butler was successful in catching the pig and earning himself $5.

The next group of contestants were ages 6- 8. Samuel Noken was the one that caught the pig and received $10 for his efforts.

Ages 9, 10 and 11 were next offered the chance to catch the pig. Kennedy Byington was the winner and received $15.

In the group ages 12 to 16, Jackson Law caught the pig and the $20 prize.

The 17 to 25 age group chased the pig around the ball field as others had done. Brian Allridge was successful catching the pig and $20.

The last race ages 25 to all ages, where even Orangeville Mayor Bart Cox participated, was won by Kevin Amsden. He also received $20.

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