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Letter to the Editor: John Birch Society

Orangeville City Council person over planning and zoning, board of appeals.


It would take too long to rebuff the letter from last week's Emery County Progress. But, just so you know, the tree house matter and the corner lot problem were addressed and resolved at the planning and zoning meeting on July 27, before last week's letter was printed or before I knew of its existence.

The interested parties were at that meeting and as far as I could tell, they were satisfied with the outcome. The proper channels were gone through and the process worked for the citizens. This was an ongoing issue for several weeks, but not forgotten or pushed aside.

I, along with other members of Orangeville City Council, had been researching it and looking for ways to help the citizens. At city council on July 13, I promised those involved in these two issues that we would come to some resolution at the July 27 meeting, something that was not included in last week's letter.

I am sorry that some of the problems got to the point that words were exchanged between some and possibly feelings injured. I hope that we can work together for the betterment of Orangeville, abiding by the laws that we have, or changing them through the proper channels, if they aren't what we feel are right for Orangeville.

I'm not naive enough to believe that we can always please everyone, but I am hopeful that we can work together and solve each problem to the betterment of Orangeville. The cost of living in Orangeville-priceless.

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