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Letter to the Editor: John Birch Society

Green River


It is not the Republican administration's fault that we are in the Iraq War. It is the fault of congress in 1948 when they failed to repeal an emergency measure that was passed a day after Pearl Harbor, Dec. 8, 1941. The War Powers Act is a violation of the United States Constitution. As the constitution clearly states the power of congress has the right to declare war.

We need trade with friendly countries, but not a global economy that allows oil corporations to gauge the U.S. economy to operate in Arabian Nations, that are not free people. The terrorists are not from Iraq alone. It becomes the same type of war as was Korea and Vietnam, an oil war, that has no victory in sight.

A foreign policy based upon the War Powers Act, that gives the administration power to start wars; allows the central intelligence agency the right: wags the dogs tail (the president), a one man rule.

The Department of Energy at cabinet levels is more important to the United States than another secret agency, that would aid in our destruction of free enterprise called Homeland Security. Emery County has oil shale and a Department of Energy at cabinet level is an answer to progress.

It is our foreign policy in secrecy, that will destroy freedom in a democracy, in a republic. It is our oil money, that pays for terrorist powers to operate, as is, at present time. Only people who vote and register independent can change this foreign policy.

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