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Range Creek exhibit opens at Utah Museum of Natural History

Until a few years ago, Range Creek was a little-known, rugged canyon in a remote part of Emery County.

It is now one of the richest archaeological resources in the nation with many of its well-preserved remains shedding light on the Fremont tribes that lived there between A.D. 500 and A.D. 1350.

To provide a present-day look at this ancient culture, "Range Creek: An Anthropology of Place" is now open at the Utah Museum of Natural History in Salt Lake City.

The exhibit will feature replicas of a granary and a pit house and other interpretive displays to give us a glimpse of where and how the Fremont existed in the canyon those hundreds of years ago.

"Range Creek" will be a permanent exhibit at the museum.

Admission is $6.00 for adults, $3.50 for children ages 3-12 and seniors. Museum members are admitted for free.

The Utah Museum of Natural History is located at the University of Utah, 1390 East President's Circle (200 South), Salt Lake City. For more information, call (801) 581-6927 or visit

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