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Hunter Interchange opens: Road project to ease congestion into plant

Coal trucks begin using the new Hunter Interchange on Friday. This truck enters the new off-ramp from the south. This ramp replaces the old farm road through which the trucks previously entered the plant.

The Hunter Interchange project has reached completion. The plans for the project were in the works for several years and the actual construction began last fall with the earth moving work. The project continued this spring and summer with traffic actually using the new lanes on Friday.

Johansen and Tuttle Engineering instructs motorists to follow the signs to lead them safely into and out of the power plant. Also local traffic traveling to Orangeville will use the new lanes. The former access route to SR-10 from Orangeville has been closed and will be reclaimed in the near future.

Motorists are urged to use caution as the traffic flow at that interchange has changed considerably and the coal truck traffic will enter SR-10 at much higher speeds than in the past.

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