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Letter to the Editor: Two-part scheme

Camarillo, Calif.


A massive two-part scheme is being perpetrated on our citizens by the federal government. Very few citizens are aware of it because the feds are quietly promoting it. Part one started in 1994 when the North American Free Trade Agreement was sold to the American people as a simple trade agreement. It had nothing to do with free trade because it entangled us in a foreign bureaucracy that actually controlled our trade and forced us to modify some of our laws. Also, NAFTA caused many citizens to lose their jobs. Now the feds want to build a NAFTA super highway throughout our country from Mexico to Canada. It will cost many billions of dollars. The right of eminent domain will be used to condemn private property for this highway. Also, customs inspection stations will be moved from the borders to hundreds of miles inland.Cargo will be checked only electronically at the borders.

Part two began in 2005 when the feds wanted to entangle us in the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America with Mexico and Canada. If we enter this partnership, our borders with Mexico and Canada will be permanently erased. Obviously, the federal government has no interest in securing our borders or we would not have many millions of illegals here today. The federal solution is to eliminate our borders using the SPP. Concerned citizens need to contact their U.S. Representative and their two U.S.Senators to demand that this planned highway be stopped and the SPP be rejected.

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