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Letter to the Editor: King George and tax cuts

Vadnais Hts., Minn.


Guess what, peasants?

Thanks in part to King George's generous tax cuts, there was an increase of 69 new billionaires and multi-billionaires in the United States last year, a new total of 341.

For those working stiffs who are still relishing the few shillings in tax relief they got from George's tax cuts, think of how grateful those billionaires and multi-billionaires must be for the millions upon millions of pounds George has saved them in taxes.

But the greater benefits of the tax cuts have not yet been fully realized. With more and more of the nation's largest corporations having paid no taxes at all last year, largely because of relocating their operations overseas, King George will now take credit for expanding America's industrial empire throughout the world. Moreover, the abundance of serfs to perform cheap labor in other countries will further strengthen the aristocracy. Ah yes, no billionaire left behind.

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