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Task force makes drug arrests

The Emery County Drug Task recently acted on several anonymous tips and executed a search warrant in Huntington. Working on a tip that cocaine was being sold out of a trailer in a trailer park in Huntington, the task force moved in with the Emery County SERT team. Two grams of cocaine were found which constitutes a first degree felony. The drug offense was also stiffened due to it being in a drug free zone in close proximity to two churches. Arrested was Paul M. Miranda Serrano, DOB 4-25-87, and charged with possession of cocaine with intent to distribute. It is believed he has been selling out of the residence for approximately six months. This subject will be deported back to Mexico after answering the charges.

Two more unrelated arrests were also made in Huntington involving illegal immigrants. Daniel M. Espino, DOB-8-11-61 was arrested for distribution of methamphetamine and cocaine, which is a first degree felony. The subject is currently in jail and awaiting a court date.

Dario Bejarano, DOB-12-19-83 was arrested for distribution of methamphetamine and cocaine. He has pled guilty to the charges.

Emery County Sheriff LaMar Guymon said, "This is just another example of the dedicated work our drug task force does, continually working using the resources available to them to get as many of the illegal drugs as they can off the street.

"They work very hard to keep the community safe and to help eliminate the drug distributors in our area.

"They will continue on in this work and they appreciate very much any help the community can give them in their fight against illegal drug distribution.

"If you have any information that would be helpful to the drug task force, please call 381-2404 or use the drug tip line, 381-2888. Anonymous tips are welcome," said Sheriff Guymon.

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