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Goblin Valley geocache event

Utah State parks specially minted coin for the geocache event.

The first annual geocache event was held recently at Goblin Valley State Park. The event took place on Aug. 11 after dark. Prizes were given away at the pavilion.

The park rangers had prepared two courses. Along one of the courses you followed GPS coordinates and found golf balls.

Those finding the golf balls won a round of golf at the Green River Golf Course.

During the nighttime event 55-60 people participated. During the night they would find reflectors and answer questions. From each cannister at the GPS location they would select a number.

Participants from the first annual geocache event at Goblin Valley have a potluck dinner at the pavilion.

The lowest score won after all the stops. Participants enjoyed a potluck dinner and the State Parks provided ice cream sundaes.

Saturday morning a junior ranger program was held for the children where park rangers showed the children different plants and animals that can be found at the park. The state parks also created a coin for the event which they sold to the participants and now have available to the public.

Prizes were given away at the pavillion.

State Park Ranger for Goblin Valley and Green River State Park, Eugene Swalberg felt the first event was a success and the park looks forward to repeating the event in the future.

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