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Commissioner Sitterud requests land donation

Commissioner Drew Sitterud addresses the school board.

The Emery County Board of Education approved the donation of land to the county for the building of a swimming pool. Commissioner Drew Sitterud spoke at the August meeting to garner the support of the school district for the swimming pool project.

One matter left up in the air temporarily is the construction of the parking lot. Sitterud asked the school board if they could pay for the construction of at least a 120 vehicle parking lot. The school board determined they would need to know more details on the expense of such a project.

Sitterud explained the pool complex would house two pools, one indoor and one outdoor. The indoor pool would meet the specifications for the Utah High School Athletic Associations for swim teams. The outdoor pool would be stainless steel with sprinklers, toys, jets, no stairs-zero entry, slide, lazy river, climbing wall, etc. "We held a public hearing on the swimming pool and didn't hear one negative comment. The property at the high school that we were originally thinking of will not fit this pool so we are asking for the property behind the elementary. There are 13 acres there. We need good firm ground on which to build the pool. But, the parking lot can be put in the field. This property is 1.5 blocks away from the high school," said Sitterud.

One other suggestion could be the recreation district go to the CIB for a loan for the parking lot, but that hasn't been decided yet.

The county needs to own the land in order to receive any CIB funds for the project. Sitterud said the school district could use the pool free of charge and they would be required to provide their own lifeguards and clean the facility afterwards.

Superintendant Kirk Sitterud said he felt the pool was in a better location there than taking the parking lot at the high school.

Castle Dale City has pledged $10,000 per year for 10 years to help with the maintenance of the pool.

The school board approved to donate the land to the county for the building of the pool, but would hold the parking lot issue in abeyance at this time while more information is gathered.

It was decided Commissioner Sitterud would gather more information including having the property plotted out and having Johansen and Tuttle prepare an estimate for the parking lot. They will meet prior to the next school board meeting on Sept. 6 at Cleveland Elementary at 5:30 p.m.

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