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Re-enactment at Melon Day's celebration

William Manly is believed to have navigated the Green River through the present day town of Green River, Utah.

William Lewis Manly, an adventurer, was born near St. Albans, Vermont on April 20, 1820. He lived a life full of adventure and challenges. His parents, Phoebe Calkins and Ebenezer Manly, taught the "New England ideas" of God, family and love of country.

So, what does this have to do with Green River? Michael Kane has studied the journals of William Manly, and has written a dissertation that will attempt to prove that this adventurous man actually navigated the Green River from Wyoming all the way to Green River. Previously, historians believed that Manly left the Green far to the north near Vernal.

In acourageous re-enactment, Kane will follow Manly's journal and recreate his adventures down the Green and across Death Valley, hopefully to prove that Manly made his trip all the way to Green River.

Why is this so important? Because it changes our country's history, and puts Green River, in a bright and wide-spread spotlight. The Kane expedition will disembark from the Green River here in the fair city of Green River on Sept. 16.

Chief Wakara will be remembered at the Melon Days celebration with Lakota John of St. George recreating Chief Wakara's camp with Native American dancing and singing throughout Saturday just east of the WestWinds truck stop.

Lakota John of St. George will recreate Chief Wakara's camp and provide Native American singing and dancing throughout Saturday. The village will be located east of the West Winds Truck Stop. Michael Kane and his crew, portraying William Manly, will arrive on the east side of the river at 2:30 p.m. Saturday afternoon.

Chief Wakara and William Manly will then cross the river by bridge and re-enact their meeting at the John Wesley Powel Museum grounds.

Following the re-enactment, Michael Kane will present his dissertation and answer questions.

Green River will continue to follow this exciting expedition and keep everyone informed of its progress. And also the story will be printed of William Manly's journey in his own words through his journal. Learn about his meeting with Chief Walker, how this relates to the settling of Manti, the courageous rescue of families trapped in Death Valley and how all of this ties into his arrival at this spot. A welcoming committee has been formed.

If you would like to be a part of this historical event, call Janet Keele at 435 564-3335 for more information. More information about Manly can be obtained from his journal at

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