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Armed robbery suspect arrest


Deputy Brook Smith from the Emery County Sheriff's Office was patrolling in the Green River area on Sept. 3. He checked on a vehicle which had been abandoned on I-70. It was discovered the vehicle was reported as stolen during an armed robbery out of Phoenix, Ariz. Deputy Smith called for assistance from the Utah Highway Patrol.

Sgt. Darrell Mecham discovered the two subjects were in Green River obtaining fuel for the vehicle with plans to return to the car. They were hitching a ride with a semi-truck driver and had just left the Chevron.

Sgt. Mecham notified Deputy Smith that the two subjects were headed back his way. The truck stopped and let the two subjects out with fuel cans. Deputy Smith and Sgt. Mecham met the two subjects in the median and they were taken into custody. They were ordered to keep their hands in sight and to lay on the ground. The officers arrested the two subjects at gunpoint. The subjects were searched and the woman had a knife concealed in her pants and the male was clean.

Other UHP vehicles arrived at the scene to assist and also located the semi-truck driver and another person who had reported the stranded motorists; these people gave reports to the UHP. The subjects were placed under arrest and transported to the Emery County Detention Center in Castle Dale. The stolen vehicle was transported by tow truck to be secured at the Emery County Sheriff's complex in Green River.

The subjects were identified as Keisha Moore, 21, and Melvin Eugene Wrays, 31. These may be false names. The female has been charged with possession of a stolen vehicle and carrying a concealed weapon. The male was charged with possession of a stolen vehicle.

The female will be extradited by the state of Arizona to face charges in the armed robbery-stolen vehicle incident upon the completion of paperwork by the Arizona officials. Arizona officials requested a hold be placed on Moore.

Both subjects were interviewed by the Detectives at the sheriff's office.

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