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Cross country meet in Ferron

The boys cross country begin the race; pictured are Landon Fehlberg, Zachary Walls, Jake Gardner, Levi Swasey, Blake Jensen, McKay Allred, and Nick Cox.

Cross Country boys overall took second with a score of 47.

Tyler Killpack took second, time 18:28; Blake Jensen took seventh, time 19:48; Nick Cox took 10th, time 20:09; McKay Allred took 13th, time 20:20; L. Swasey took 15th, time 21:00; Bryan Larsen took 18th, time 21:12; Dustin Jensen took 20th, time 21:57; Zachary Walls took 24th, time 23:08; Kyle Hales took 27th, time 24:21; Jake Gardner took 28th, time 24:27; Landon Fehlberg took 30th, time 24:35; Brantz Woolsey took 31st, time 25:03; Steven Larsen took 38th, time 28:13.

Cross Country girls overall took first with a score of 28.

Rebekah Bott took first, time 20:49; Camille Fehlberg took second, time 22:10; Shalae Cox took fourth, time 22:56; Ashley Schade took seventh, time 25:37; Jessica Jensen took 14th, time 28:42; Janelle Urie took 18th, time 30:28.

On Sept. 12 at Uintah the cross country boys and girls also competed.

Cross Country girls took first with a score of 47.

Rebekah Bott took second , time 21:12; Shalae Cox took fifth, time 22:09; Camille Fehlberg took sixth, time 22:40; Ashley Schade took 15th, time 24:40; Chelsea Benson took 20th, time 25:31; Janelle Urie took 27th, time 27:59; Jessica Jensen took 28th, time 28:36.

Cross Country boys took second with a score of 59.

Tyler Killpack took fourth, time 18:00; Blake Jensen took 12th, time 19:09; Levi Swasey took 15th, time 19:33; Bryan Larsen took 19th, time 19:42; Nick Cox took 27th, time 20:25; McKay Allred took 33rd, time 20:57; Dustin Jensen took 36th, time 21:16; Zachary Walls took 43rd, time 21:52; Jake Gardner took 50th, time 22:35; Kyle Hales took 52nd, time 22:51; Landon Fehlberg took 56th, time 23:09; Brantz Woolsey took 60th, time 23:38; Jordan Sanders took 63rd, time 24:19; Cameron Jensen took 67th, time 26:53; Steven Larsen took 69th, time 28:56.

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