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Ferron discusses issues

Staff writer

Councilman Joe Trenery reported on activity at the fairgrounds. He said the old barn is being painted, and pipes and D rings are being installed to aid the stock show exhibitors in tying up their animals. He also stated the sound system is working and the water problems have been repaired.

Fire chief Randy Nielson reported that 10 of the Ferron volunteer firemen attended the fire academy held in Provo. "This was good, hands-on training for them," said Nielson.

Mayor Gil Bowden reported about the recent public hearing to take comments about an ordinance amending the energy sales and use tax from 1 percent to 3 percent. After hearing the public comments at the hearing, Mayor Bowden suggested raising the tax. He said all of the comments heard were in favor of this raise for the purpose of having a pool of funds for matching grants.

Brent Langston, Ferron resident, was on hand to answer questions concerning the retainer by the city for a prosecuting attorney. He said he would take a small retainer monthly for the express purpose of being available to the city for ordinance enforcement.

"Most of those who are out of compliance have called and we are working with them toward compliance," said Mayor Bowden. "I'm not sure how much need the city has for a prosecuting attorney."

Langston stated that a conservative estimate of time he has put in over the past two months is three-four hours. He also stated that most attorneys make $100-$150 an hour. The council approved to retain Langston for $100 a month for a six month trial period.

Mayor Bowden announced the council will begin to work on master plans for the fairgrounds and Mayor's Park. He also said the situation concerning baseball fields in Ferron needs addressing. "There is a parcel of land the school district is willing to let us use, but they need a written plan. We need to try one more time to solve this problem," said Mayor Bowden.

The next Ferron City Council meeting is Sept. 28 at 7 p.m.

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