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Castle Valley Youth Leadership Summit

The Castle Valley Youth Leadership Summit will be held on Sept. 23. There is a minimal fee to participate. The following is an agenda of the summit and it is subject to change. Check in time- 8:30 a.m.; breakfast- 9 a.m.; workshops-10:30 a.m.; lunch- 1:30 p.m.; workshops- 2:30 p.m.; service project and games- 4:30 p.m.; dinner-6 p.m.; speaker- 7 p.m.; band- 8:30 p.m.

Commander Scott Waddle is our keynote speaker. Lokalgrown is the name of the band. We will be giving away prizes throughout the day. To be eligible for the grand prize of a new computer and an Ipod, the participant must attend all activities. The computer and Ipod will be given away at the end of the Summit.

Commander Scott Waddle is an inspirational leader with uncompromising ethical standards, he graduated at the top of his class at Annapolis. With 20 years of experience in the construction, maintenance and operation of nuclear-powered submarines, in 1998 he was handpicked from a highly competitive field of 250 naval officers to command the improved Los Angeles class Fast Attack nuclear submarine USS Greeneville. As commanding officer of Greeneville, he managed a 140-man crew. On the fateful day of Feb. 9, 2001, Commander Waddle's life was forever changed when he gave the order to perform an emergency surface maneuver that inadvertently caused the 9,000 ton submarine to collide with the Ehime Maru, a 500 ton Japanese fishing vessel, killing nine people on board. Against the advice of his attorney and the Navy's direction, he took responsibility for the accident. Commander Waddle's compelling story about a tragic ordeal and the choices that followed is a lesson about integrity, faith and resilience. Scott, through his candid and direct delivery, connects with the audience and delivers a powerful message that is worthy of reflection.

Lokalgrown is a versatile, professional and exciting five-member band with over 30 years combined performing experience. They have played together for more than six years at more than 250 events.They like to utilize their talents to provide an exciting, interactive and rockin' good time for everyone. Here is a list of items that are needed for the people in Zambia, Africa. If you can provide any of these, it will be so much appreciated. Yarn, sweatshirts, fabric, mens white dress shirts, hand towels, bars of soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, new packages of underwear for girls and boys, and all sizes of socks (new or like new, good condition, no holes, clean).

The general public is welcomed to attend the keynote speaker portion at 7 p.m. at the Emery High auditorium. Donations will be accepted at the door. For more information, contact Gay Lee Jeffs at 381-2850, 381-2108 or 749-1685.

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