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Huntington works to slow down drivers

Staff writer

Stop signs have been installed on the blocks around Huntington Elementary School to slow traffic in residential areas.

Councilman Bob Mills informed the Huntington council of the progress on the project to slow down drivers in Huntington. He said the engine brake signs have been moved, and before the speed limit signs can be moved, a state speed survey must be completed. The goal is to reduce the speed of drivers coming into Huntington further from the city limits.

There are several projects to slow the traffic inside the city limits as well. Councilman Mills announced he has spoken with Nielson Construction about the price of speed bumps. Installation of a speed bump will cost $225, and installation of the first 15 of the speed bumps will begin soon.

Councilman Mills went on to say that some new stop signs have been installed and the residents of Huntington must be aware of the changes. More changes are coming as the yield signs will be replaced by stop signs in the future. He also suggested painting stripes on the road sides where there are no sidewalks to delineate a portion of the road for pedestrians.

Mayor Jackie Wilson announced the city has purchased a bucket truck. "We got this truck for a very good price," said Mayor Wilson. "We bought it from the state and all it needed was batteries. It will come in very handy for our city workers to do the things they need."

Mayor Wilson also stated that the special service projects for this season have hit several snags. She explained that the season began with subcontractor problems, and that problem never went away, it only became worse as the summer wore on. There just are not enough subcontractors to complete the work needed. The special service district is now doing roads in Huntington but it is unlikely the curb and gutter work will be completed this year. It is very likely that many of the unfinished projects will carry over into 2007.

The city received roughly $450,000 in grants this year, and Mayor Wilson stated it will feel good to be able to finish more of the lighting project. The carry over of many other projects may affect the 2007 season projects. The drain projects have not begun yet, and the subcontractor problem is affecting those as well. She added that the subcontractor problem is statewide.

Mayor Wilson pointed out that more dogs are being picked up and more citations are being written. She also said that traps are available from the city.

Councilperson Hilary Gordon stated there has been several incidences of vandalism at the rodeo grounds. Gates have been broken and other abuse to the grounds. The suggestion was made to lock up the grounds and keep the key at city hall to deter any more vandalism at the rodeo grounds.

Councilman Norman Dingman informed the council of the continuing work on Huntington's ordinances. He and his committee are reviewing and updating the existing ordinances. As they complete a portion, it is brought before the council for approval.

Councilperson Julie Jones presented the council with one of the calendars from Castle Dale City. She explained that Castle Dale does a calendar each year with old photos gathered from residents. Her suggestion was that Huntington look into doing a similar calendar.

Councilperson Cathy Cowley requested the council approve Lane Larsen to construct the canopies over the bleachers. If he is approved, work will begin this week. Larsen will also prepare the city's sprinkling systems for winter and then get them up and running next spring, if the cost estimate meets with the council's approval.

The next Huntington City Council meeting will be held at city hall on Oct. 18 at 6:30 p.m.

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