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Spartan tennis team finishes second in region

Sports writer

Britney Hansen gets ready for the serve from the competition.

Emery High's tennis team just completed the region season in second place behind Juan Diego, and finishing behind Juan Diego is not a bad thing considering their players.

While Emery players come from such diverse places as Huntington, Orangeville, Ferron or Elmo and places like that, the players for Juan Diego hail from places such as Japan, Austria and Bulgaria. They have taken this open enrollment thing to a whole new level.

Emery's number one doubles team of Jessica Hill and Malorie Quick finished second in region and only lost this year to Juan Diego and the defending state champs from Richfield.

Emery's number two doubles team of Darian Huntsman and Lacey Erickson went undefeated this season except the loss to Juan Diego.

Also qualifying for state this season are the three singles players. Josey Hayward at number one, Meagan Singleton at number two and Adriane Weihing at number three are all underclassmen that should be back next season.

Juan Diego dominated region this season and are the favorite to win the 3-A state championship that actually is taking place between the time I write this and the day is it published. Emery's doubles team gave the Soaring Eagles their only loss of even a set this season. Both teams took them to three games.

Others that traditionally have always done well in tennis are Ogden High and Park City. They do well again this year. Pine View might be the one team that can upset Juan Diego. The girls from each of these schools play year around and have private coaches that earn big bucks.

Coach Tom Hansen had some thoughts about his team; "We competed against the privately coached schools this season and always gave them a game. We never got out hustled by another team. I was nervous at the beginning of the season but we did well this year. The seniors stepped their game and led the team well. I was proud of our players and the county should be too."

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