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Two rescues of stranded visitors to Emery County

The Emery County Sheriff's Office completed two successful rescues last week. A hiker was called in missing by a concerned party who had not heard from the hiker in two days. He said they last they heard from him he was on the Green River cut-off road and heading for Muddy Creek. Andy Nelson is an extreme hiker. The sheriff's office and the search and rescue responded. At approximately 2:50 p.m. Sgt. Les Wilberg reported they had located Nelson by plane and he was waving his coat at the plane.

Search and Rescue and deputies responded and brought the subject to safety.

In the other rescue at approximately 7:31 p.m. a call came in reporting a missing hunter. It was reported that two hunters were at the top of East Mountain down off into Rilda Canyon. When Search and Rescue arrived on East Mountain along with Dep. Garrett Conover, one of the hunters had hiked back up. He reported that Bruce Carr was too exhausted to climb up. Carr had asked for someone to come down and bring him food, water and something to make a fire. Carr was without food and water for quite awhile. Carr's hunting partner said he had the GPS location where he had left Carr. Searchers Ken Eley and Chad Lake hiked down to the stranded man and took food and water. They started a fire for him and warmed him up. The rescuers guided him back to where Chuck Ebeling and Bryan Ebeling waited with an ATV to bring him out.

Carr was transported by ambulance to Castle View Hospital where he was examined.

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