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Letter to the Editor: Jealousy takes over pioneer spirit



Being aware of the relationship between "cause and effect" on the local economy is appreciated by interested entrepreneurs and the directors in charge of the related programs. If I understand the economic director's message correctly from the report of the meeting a week, or so, ago relating to our economy; there seems to be some type of negative reinforcement applied towards those we feel threatened by and attempt to prevent their possible success. This discourages new industry, new business or just generally personal improvement. What's up with that?

Research into the pioneer history of those who founded this community always directs one to believe that it was founded on principles much different than those exemplified by us laymen blocking progress, today. Jealousy (a very bold word) has dominated over the "pioneer spirit" and controls members of the "clan", friends, business competitors, or "whom ever".

Not necessarily the pioneer spirit that needs to be restored but the principles upon which it was founded. Is it so hard to guess what the foundation of the Emery County spirit is built upon? What is the basis for the dominant religion, in our communities, most of us contend to indoctrinate? Founding fathers, hopefully were instilling, more or less, contingencies to further their brothers interests. And this always supported the general population as they were all brothers in the "Old Days".

Easy to define, difficult to engineer. Restructuring a healthy economy. Yes, it is procedure requiring much effort including planning and execution. Procedure outlined and placed in order of priority usually follows the first step of defining the problem.

In a letter to the Editor, a couple of weeks ago someone was concerned with the state of affairs at Ferron Reservoir. His comments only reinforces the theory of "nonparticipation by community". Yes, getting involved requires a lot of time dedication and usually not much in monetary rewards. Agencies in control don't always have the best solutions for problem solving.

Basically, man is good. If we all have one common goal, the common link man shares, is to experience the "Good Life". It is probably different for each person, right? Most of use would enjoy more free time to do the things we enjoy, be more financially secure to buy the staples needed and just have our "freedom". Striving for these personal goals can have a direct influence on those we come into contact or visa versa.

Once we have all been given a fair chance to understand the issues and make a rational decision it becomes much easier. Through our democratic society we trust those elected to further our goals, bipartisan.

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