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Letter to the Editor: Junior Jazz



We are excited for another season of Jr. Jazz basketball. This year we have added a new program to make the Jr. Jazz program even better. The new program is called the Utah Jazz Sportsmanship Initiative. It teaches and emphasizes the importance of good sportsmanship. The program will not only focus on the players and their behavior, but on the behavior of coaches and parents as well.

Each week players, parents and coaches will be scored based on their behavior during the game. At the end of the Jr. Jazz season the team in each age division with the highest score will be the winners.

The winning teams for each city will be invited to a banquet at the Delta Center to honor the sportsmanship winners. Parents and coaches of the winning teams will also be rewarded. As parents, your behavior will directly affect your kid's opportunity to win the award.

Please remember that the purpose of the Jr. Jazz is to emphasize skill development, teamwork, sportsmanship and positive adult interaction. You as parents play a crucial role in accomplishing these goals for your children and well as all the others participating in the Jr. Jazz program. Please help us teach everyone the importance of good sportsmanship and make the Jr. Jazz program enjoyable for all who participate.

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