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Letter to the Editor: Vote no on current leaders

Castle Dale


Vote no to Utah's current leaders in Congress. Conservatives with a conscience should use this election to vote against our long time leaders. Just to name a few reasons, consider their leading role in pushing for experimentation on and killing of living human embryos, promising us the whole world of cures (none of which actually exist) in exchange for our souls.

Next who could ever forget one tirade demanding that big oil needed to heavily increase the cost of gas for improvements, exploration etc. when in reality they were doubling their profits after cost. Little wonder Utah still has the highest gas prices with propaganda like that being spread by our leaders.

Oh, and let's not forget their support for the Patriot Act. You know the act that trades freedom for a false sense of security. The act that gave the government all that power to spy on, detain, torture, etc. possible terrorists without any probable cause or court orders and ended up being used to spy on many of us.

Don't worry about the losing. Polls show most will win by such a landslide that one of them is giving away huge campaign donations because he won't need the money.

But if enough of us vote for a truly conservative party they might be a little more hesitant in the future to blatantly ignore human rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

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