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Two searches in Emery County

The Emery County search and rescue was involved in a rescue on Oct. 31 involving two women ages 28 and 30 who were kayaking down the San Rafael from Fullers Bottom to the Swinging Bridge. They left on Oct. 30 in the afternoon. They left a vehicle at the bridge and another at Fullers Bottom with plans on floating to the bridge.

The hour became late and darkness descended and the pair decided to wait things out on the river bank. When family members called and said the pair were overdue the next day, the Emery County Sheriff's Office sent Deputy Shaun Bell to the Swinging Bridge to see if the vehicle was still there.

Posse members were also called out to Fullers Bottom and the Wedge. A plane flown by Gust Kalatzes flew the area along with Deputy Bliss Mead as lookout. They spotted the two from the air not too far from the bridge.

Search and rescue was directed to their location where they found the women suffering from foot lacerations. They were taken by ambulance to Castleview Hospital for a medical checkup. The women had lost shoes and articles of clothing during their ordeal but otherwise appeared in good condition.

In another unrelated search on Oct. 31 the search and rescue team was called to the Ferron Reservoir area where a hunter had become stuck in the snow. He was apparently in the area scouting elk for the upcoming muzzleloader elk hunt and had become stuck in a snowbank. He called into the Sanpete County dispatch and they were unable to take the call and called the Emery County Sheriff's Office to rescue the man.

The man was brought safely off the mountain.

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