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Arizona quads visit the San Rafael Swell

Staff writer

Harold Strong of Castle Dale helps the visitors to the Swell through a difficult spot.

Quad riders from Yuma, Ariz. recently rode the scenic trails of Emery County's mountains and deserts. These riders were not a part of the Arapeen Jamboree, but came to stay with friends in the area.

Each of these riders have been traveling for the summer and they meet here in Emery County on their was back to Yuma for the winter. Two of them came in from Wisconsin, two from Alaska, two from Washington, and two came up from Phoenix. Along for the rides, which went on for more than three weeks, were six locals and one from Salt Lake City.

This is the second year the group has met in Castle Dale. They made comments that the rides were so enjoyable last year, they had to return to do it again. These riders have ridden all over the western states and say "it's the best trails they have ever ridden." They added that this country is the most beautiful they have ever seen and others just added the word "amazing."

The group rode the Dragon, the Kitchen, Mary's Lake, Rock Canyon, the Hole Trail, Reeder Canyon, Quitchapah, Copper Globe, the Railroad Grade, the Devil's Racetrack, Fix-it Pass, Behind the Reef, the Hondoo, Lucky Strike Mine, and Red's Canyon. Some members of the group also met with the Castle Country OHV club for trail repair and improvement work.

Members of the group are: Marie Blaisdale, Huck Neugebauer, Jim and Phyllis Baker, Norm and Char Schomisch, Larry Fait, Jeff Brommer, and Doug Gillespie. Gillespie liked the country so well, he purchased a home in Orangeville. Locals who guided and entertained the out of town guests were: Earl and LaRene Jensen, Sylvia Cox, Harold Strong, Irene Hancock, and Scott Hancock (Salt Lake City). Members of the Castle Country OHV club who participated in the rides were: Arvin and Helen Rudd, Don and Bonnie Keele, and Elaine Larsen.

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