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Lily of the Valley Camp DUPs

The crew at the DUP breakfast cook for the hunters.

Early in the morning, Nov. 4 , the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers, Lily of the Valley Camp were cooking breakfast and preparing to cook lunch for the pheasant hunters and anyone else that wanted a great breakfast or lunch. This was held at the DUP building in Elmo.

The doors were open, the tables set, staff was on hand, the stove was hot, the cook was prepared and people were coming to have pancakes, ham, bacon and eggs for breakfast at this annual fund raiser, called "The Pheasant Hunters Breakfast" in Elmo. Because the weather was warm, tables and chairs were also set up on the lawn.

The ham, pancakes, bacon and eggs were prepared and cooked by Christy Lofley a certified chef that works at Holiday Inn, and Carbon Country Club. Those pancakes and sunnyside up eggs were cooked to perfection by Christy.

These Daughters also offered pies of many varieties, such as apple, pumpkin, lemon meringue, and banana cream for sale. In addition they were displaying quilts for sale. One of these large quilts was designed with an embroidered pheasant rooster of giant proportions.

LaRue Lofley was in charge of display and selling the quilts, Beryl was in charge of collecting money from the customers for the breakfast, Christy Lofley was the cook and Charla Every was in charge of selling the pies.

On hand to enjoy the first served breakfast of the day were Alfred and Yvonne Oliver of Elmo and one woman, from Elmo, was seen leaving the DUP building carrying two pies for her family.

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