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State Cross Country at Sugarhouse Park

Sports writer

Shalae Cox runs at the state championship.

For the umpteenth time, Sugarhouse Park in Salt Lake City was the site of the state's cross-country championships for all five classifications. Sugarhouse Park is a great place to hold a meet.

At most venues, you will see cross-country runners when they leave and then you will see them again in about 15 minutes when they get back, but not at Sugarhouse. At Sugarhouse, you watch them all take off together and without moving they go past you three minutes later and then again a minute after that. By moving 30 yards, you see them again five minutes later and then you watch the end a few minutes after that. It is easy to get into a race like that.

At the 3-A portion, Judge Memorial has the best individual runners as they won both girls and boys by 40 seconds over place number two. For team honors though, they go to Park City and Cedar City. Cedar won the boys and finished second in girls while Park City won the girls and finished second in the boys.

The Emery boys finished in 13th place and the Emery girls finished in ninth place.

McKay Allred runs at the state meet.

Leading the boys was Tyler Killpack in 30th place out of 114 runners. McKay Allred in 52nd place, Blake Jensen in 73rd place, Bryan Larsen in 77th place and Levi Swasey in 92nd place, followed Tyler across the finish line.

Leading the girls was Rebekah Bott in 39th place. Rebekah was followed across the finish line by Lacey Montgomery in 44th place, Shalae Cox in 46th place, Camille Fehlberg in 63rd place and Ashley Schade in 66th place.

North Sanpete finished fourth, Juan Diego finished 15th and Delta 16th on the girls side while Emery led the region on the boys side. North Sanpete was 14th, Carbon 15th and Delta 16th.

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