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American legion makes quilts for Veterans


This Huntington voter takes her turn with the new electronic voting machine.

The American Legion Auxiliary from Huntington spent some time recently making quilts. These lap quilts will go to the Veterans hospital's rest home.

The quilts have been made with ties and pockets so they can be attached to the patient and they don't fall off all the time.

The convenient pocket will hold some of the patient's personal items and keep them handy for use.

The American Legion auxiliary will also be making quilts in another project. These quilts will go to the Children's Justice Center.

The American Legion auxiliary is always looking for new members. To become a member you must have a father, brother, or relative or step-relative that has been in the armed forces in the past or is now serving.

Members participate in many projects that serve Veteran's and their families.

Hats were also donated along with the quilts. Norma Marsh knitted the hats. The ladies working on the quilts also had a potluck lunch along with the quilt making.

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