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State Horse 4-H Champions for 2006

Mandy Langston - 2006 State 4-H Horsemanship Champion

Utah state horsemanship contest

For the fourth year in a row, Emery County has a State Champion in the 4-H Horsemanship Program. After two days of competition consisting of seven events, Mandy Langston ended up with the most points at the conclusion of the State Individual Horsemanship Contest in the Intermediate Division. She follows Cindi Stevens who, in 2005, was the overall State Champion in the Junior Division. In 2004, Amy Langston took the title in the Senior Division, and in 2003, Benjamin Toomer walked away with the buckle in the Junior Division.

Emery County was well represented at the State Two-Handed Show (this is for horses 5 years and younger), and for the third year in a row, we have a State Champion in this contest. Tyson Benson is the 2006 Utah State Two-Handed Horsemanship Champion in the Intermediate Division.

Camie Whittle is a two-time two-handed Champion, taking the title in 2004 and 2005 in the Junior Division. Cade Whittle also won this award in 2001, Junior Division.

Standings at the 2006 State Individual Horsemanship Contest (placings to 20th place):Junior Division, grades three through five (100 state contestants): Jorgen Allred: seventh in Fitting and Showmanship, sixth in poles, 16th in barrels, 15th gymkhana gig. Jorgen was sixth in judged events, eighth in the speed events, and seventh in the overall show. Taylen Nielsen: showing in his first state meet, placed seventh in poles and sixth in barrels.Sidnee Conder was 11th place on the test.

Intermediate Division, grades six through eight (104 state contestants): Mandy Langston took the first place overall title in the Intermediate Division: fifth on the test, sixth in Fitting and Showmanship, first in Western Horsemanship, first in Western Equitation, 12th in poles, 13th in barrels, and fourth in gymkhana gig. Mandy was first in overall judged events and fourth in overall speed events.

Camie Whittle: 17th on the test, third in Western Horsemanship, 19th in poles, and 11th in gymkhana gig. Camie ended up in ninth place overall judged and fifth in speed events. Camie's overall state show placing was third place.

Mindi Luke: seventh on the test, ninth in Fitting andShowmanship, 17th in the poles. Mindi was 12th overall in judged events, and seventh in the overall state show.

Tyson Benson, first place in intermediate division- State champion 2006.

Cindi Stevens: eighth place in Western Equitation.

Senior Division, grades nine through 12 (96 state contestants): Kelby Farnsworth: 10th in Western Horsemanship, fourth in Western Equitation, 18th in barrels. Kelby placed 15th in the judged events and 15th in the speed events. She also placed 15th for the overall state show.

Cade Whittle: 10th on the test, first in Western Horsemanship. Cade ended up in 11th place overall for judged events. Maegan Luke: fourth on the test. Jacie Fasselin: 11th on the test. Tawny Conder: 14th on the test.

Two-Handed Contest (horses 5 years and under) 2006 Utah State Two-Handed Contest placings - Intermediate Division: Tyson Benson took the first place overall spot in the Intermediate Division. He took eighth on the test, first in Western Pleasure, third in Western Equitation, and sixth in Trail. These placings put him in the first place overall position.

Dakin Allred also did very well and placed: 10th in Western Pleasure, first in Western Equitation, and first in Trail. These placings put Dakin in the third place overall spot.

Mindi Luke also participated in her first state two-handed show and placed: second on the test, fifth in Western Equitation, and 10th in Trail. Mindi ended up in seventh place overall. Camie Whittle made a good showing as well. She placed: sixth in Western Pleasure and second in Trail. She ended up in 11th place overall. Benjamin Toomer did a good job on a young horse, placing: fifth in Western Pleasure and ninth in Trail, ending up in 19th place overall.

Cindi Stevens also represented Emery County well at the two-handed show, placing 23rd on her young horse.

Senior Division: Kelby Farnsworth: fifth in Showmanship at Halter, fifth in Western Equitation, and second in Trail. Kelby took the seventh place rank overall. Cade Whittle: seventh in Western Pleasure, third in Western Equitation, and fourth in Trail. Cade ended up in ninth place overall. Melissa Toomer: third in Western Pleasure and 10th in Western Equitation. Melissa placed 11th overall in the two-handed show.

County contestants throughout the state compete in shows during the summer to earn points which accumulate to determine the top five placings. These top five contestants qualify to compete at the State Shows. The 2006 Emery County top five placings are as follows:Senior Division: Maegan Luke first place, Kelby Farnsworth second place, Jacie Fasselin third place, Cade Whittle fourth place, and Tawny Conder fifth place. Intermediate Division: Mandy Langston first place, Camie Whittle second place, Mindi Luke third place, Cindi Stevens fourth place, and McKenzie Juggert 5th place. Junior Division: Jorgen Allred first place, Sidnee Conder second place, Hanna Nielson third place, Taylen Nielson fourth place, and Josh Bell fifth place.

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