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Fishing Rules to be Discussed

Anglers who fish at Joes Valley Reservoir are encouraged to attend a public meeting in Price on Dec. 13. The purpose of the meeting is to receive input on proposed changes in fishing regulations at the reservoir. The meeting will be held at 7 p.m. in the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources office, in the basement of the state office building, located at 475 West Price River Drive.

Biologists and anglers alike believe that fishing regulations need to be changed to protect large splake (a hybrid cross between lake trout and brook trout) from overharvest. They also see a need to more strongly encourage legal fishing methods. Numerous large fish have been taken during a vulnerable period in the last several weeks as they have attempted to spawn. Some of the fish have been caught by snagging, an illegal fishing method. Large splake are needed for control of an overabundant Utah chub population, and to maintain a high quality trophy fishery.

Changes being proposed include: (1) Splake hooked other than in their mouth must be immediately released, (2) All splake 15 to 26 inches in length must be immediately released, and (3) Only one splake larger than 26 inches may be kept. The splake limit would remain at two fish.

For more information, contact Louis Berg , 435-636-0268 or Mike Slater, 435-636-0275, at the Division of Wildlife Resources.

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