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Scout Leaders Awards Night

Owen Price, second from left, and others receive instructions from the sergeants at the CCC camp.

The Scout leaders awards night was held recently at the Castle Dale Stake Center. The following awards were given out, for the Swell Award, winners were; Pat Gillins, DeeDee Bell, Sherri McMullin, Sandra Oveson and Jed Jensen. For the Super Scouter Award; Danna Gray, Teresa Lake, Colleen Gilbert, Dave Emery, Ray Grange and John Behn. For the Swell Commission Award; Jerel Lofley, Rex Wilson and John Healy. The District Award of Merit was given to Scott and Lisa Jewkes.

Tickets were given to the leaders and were put in for a drawing. The winner then picked a little treasure chest to find out what they won.

Denise Thayn then spoke to the leaders on the influence they have on the young scouts. "The value of youth is a golden treasure," said Thayn. She then told of a young man in college. One of his professors always asked at the end of class if anyone had any questions, no one ever asked, they were in too big of a hurry to leave. One day this young man got the courage to ask the professor a question, "What is the purpose of life," the young college man asked. The professor looked into his eyes and saw that he was sincere. The professor told of a story that happened in his life, "I discovered it is to bring light into the darkest of places." Thayn said, "As scout leaders our job is to bring light unto them."

Teresa Lake receives her award.

"I asked my husband what he worked on as a scout leader, he answered by saying to never leave a boy behind," said Thayn.

Thayn went on about different things that scout leaders need to teach the young men.

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