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Letter to the Editor: Rehabilitation works

Tulsa, Okla.

Dear Editor:

It is an outrage to me that the general population believes that drug addicts have no place here except prison. How tragic for mothers and children who lose a child or parent to drugs. As a successful, single mother of two I never thought I would be an addict. A journey I thought I would never take, but I did.

I hear stories of families who give up and it makes me so sad and even angry, how do they give up on someone they love? I have a brother who refused to give up on me. He searched for weeks to find a rehab that would work and finally found it. His diligence saved my life. He is my hero. Without him I would have surely ended up in prison or dead.

Rehabilitation works. Because of what happened to me he now helps others who refuse to give up. You can call him at 866-648-7609. He helps moms and dads and their children and even little sisters everywhere and he does it for free because he likes being my hero. He says I am his angel. Imagine that, an addict turned angel. Of course anything is possible....if you don't give up.

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