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Piano festival

Group photo of teachers and piano students at their performance of holiday music.

The Emery County Piano Teachers Association held their annual Christmas Honor's Recital at the Emery County High School. The recital was hosted by most of the piano teachers in Emery County to honor their outstanding students. There were 21 students who performed a variety of Christmas songs at the recital, utilizing a Baldwin piano, four electronic pianos, four violins and a piccolo. Some of the pianos were supplied by Lee's Music Company.

Those participating in the recital were Lacey Olsen, Justan Potter, Alex Stilson, Tina Lacock, T. J. Lacock, Ben Jewkes, Brooke Fisher, Katie Turner, Robyn Healy, James Jewkes, Krista Wright, T. J. Hill, Cindi Stevens, Jordan Sanders, Shalae Cox, Angela Rowley, Megan Francis, Megan Francis, Logan Tuttle, Elise Tuttle, Ashley Stilson, Korinda Stilson, Shelby Sweet, Andrea Jorgensen, Tennyson Fauver, and Jennifer Fauver.

The Piano Teachers Ensemble: performed Caroling, Caroling by Alfred Burt/Arr. Carrie Kraft. The teachers are Jennifer Chiara, Elise Debry, Karen Dellos, Jennifer Fauver, Tennyson Fauver, Dustin Jensen, Brenda Lemon, Virginia Rowley, Elise Tuttle, and Korinda Stilson.

This recital was attended by parents, grandparents and many other family members.

Photos of entire group of students and teachers. With Alex Stilson at the piano. Of all music teachers, Back row Dustin Jensen, Jennifer Fauver, Brenda Lemon, Jennifer Chiara, Elise Tuttle, and Tennyson Fauver. Front row Karen Dellos, Korinda Stilson and Elise DeBry. Of Jordan Sanders and Shalae Cox assisted by Jennifer Fauver at Balldwin Piano.

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