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This is championship week in my fantasy football leagues and I had to do the darndest thing, I had to call my opponent and remind him to clean up his lineup because it was currently illegal. I think there is something wrong with this but I decided that there was no way that I could take a win this way.

Fantasy sports are a hot topic right now. You have fantasy football, fantasy basketball, fantasy baseball. In these leagues, you are the team coach or general manager or a combination of both. You have to draft the right players or trade for the right players or pick up the right player off the waiver wire and then you have to make sure the player that actually does the best is in your lineup and not on your bench. That is not as easy as it sounds.

In football, you play a quarterback, two running backs, two wide receivers, a tight end, a kicker and a defense. You can have a bench of six additional players. In basketball, you start a point guard, a shooting guard, a shooting forward, a power forward, a center and two others. You have a bench of five additional players.

Anyway, it is championship week and my team, the Phalcons, is in the title game. The league is made up of sons, sons-in-law, nephews, in-laws, brothers and such. It is intense. Our wives believe that we would not communicate if we did not talk fantasy sports. That could be possible but I doubt it.

Here is my team. At quarterback, I will start either Matt Leinart or Alex Smith, this is my weak position. The game could be won on playing the right one of these two. At running back, I will start Brian Westbrook and Frank Gore, both in the top six running backs. At wide receiver, I will start Chad Johnson and Steve Smith, both in the top five in receivers. At tight end it is Antonio Gates, the best at his position for three straight seasons. My kicker is John Kasay; kickers are interchangeable and no big deal. And finally my defense is the Steelers, currently number seven in the league. I am counting on these guys for the championship, good luck to me.

Now most of you probably assume that this is my only fantasy football team and on that you would be wrong. If you are going to play once, then why not play twice and in my case add a third team. And that I did, this time with a bunch of people that I do not know as they live all over the country, mostly from the south. In this league, I am also playing for the championship this week. The team I have in this league, exciting as it may be to be winning and playing for all the money, OK there is no money and in fact there is no fame or notoriety or anything; pains me because I have to depend on a couple of Cowboys to win. I hate the Cowboys but it is equally appalling that I actually have two sons-in-law, that is both of them if you are counting, that actually are Cowboy lovers. That is their downfall but I guess if they are actually going to have an imperfection, this is one that I can almost live with, but since they live with my daughters and not me, why worry about it. I am a 49er fan and have been for a long time and I still play two of them even though they stink right now.

My third team finished out of the money, out of everything as I could not beat the injury bug in this league. But two out of three is not bad.

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