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Police chase ends safely with suspect arrest


This black car was the suspect vehicle which reached excessive speeds to avoid being pulled over by Sgt. Jeff Thomas of the Emery County Sheriff's Office.

What should have been a routine traffic stop for speeding turned into a high speed chase and search for the suspect vehicle for Emery County deputies.

Sgt. Jeff Thomas was patrolling north of Huntington on SR-10 at approximately 1 p.m. on Jan. 9 when he observed a black passenger car coming toward him at a high rate of speed. Radar confirmed the vehicle was traveling at least 15 mph over the speed limit. This occurred at approximately milepost 52.5 in the Sandwash area. Sgt. Thomas turned around to pursue the vehicle with flashing lights to pull it over for speeding. The vehicle contained two males with out of state plates.

The suspect vehicle didn't slow down, but seemed to go even faster. It is estimated his speed reached more than 100 mph. The vehicle was observed going west up SR-31 into Huntington Canyon. Other deputies and UHP became involved at this time as well as police vehicles from Sanpete County who traveled SR-31 headed east toward Huntington. Sgt. Thomas met the Sanpete officers on top who said they had not seen such a vehicle.

Deputies explored the side roads and coal mines and power plant parking lots on their way up the canyon. Deputy Kay Jensen and Deputy Shaun Bell reported they had found the possible suspect vehicle at a residence in Trail Canyon.

Personnel for the Bear Canyon mine responded to Trail Canyon where he informed the deputies that the owner of the vehicle was working inside the mine. It was determined the worker would be brought outside the mine to talk to deputies.

The deputies went to Bear Canyon where the suspect was brought out of the mine and Deputy Bell transported Jonathan Kingston, 20, to the sheriff's office for questioning in the matter.

A wrecker was called to transport the suspect vehicle to the sheriff's office. The suspect was interviewed at the sheriff's office. It was determined he would be charged with failure to respond to an officers signal to stop and reckless driving. The suspect was booked on the charges.

It was reported by an eyewitness that the suspect vehicle was going approximately 99 mph in the 40 mph zone by the Canyon View Junior High.

A coal truck driver also reported being passed by the vehicle on its way up the canyon almost running into her left drivers side during the pass.

The suspect was reported to be very cooperative with authorities. The suspect wrote a statement for the deputy.

Suspect posted bail later that day.

The passenger in the car was a friend of the drivers and charges were not levied against him in the case.

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