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Letter to the Editor: Keep using your car seats

Child Advocacy Manager and Co-chair, Safe Kids Utah
Primary Children's Medical Center


Consumer Reports recently released a scathing report about rear-facing child safety seats failing laboratory tests and implying that it may be unsafe to use certain seats.

While some of the claims may bring about additional research, the users of child safety seats in our state must remain vigilant in the proper use of child safety seats.

Even a questionable seat, not perfectly installed, offers greater protection to a child than one left unrestrained or held on an adult's lap in the vehicle.

Research has proven time and again that rear-facing seats are highly effective in reducing the likelihood of death by more than 70 percent. More frightening than the Consumer findings is the number of older children traveling unrestrained or without the use of belt-positioning booster seats. Years of dedicated effort to inform and educate parents about the importance of proper use of child safety seats should remain the constant. I encourage all parents to "stay the course." Read your child safety seat instructions, the vehicle owner's manual, call a safety seat technician for free assistance (801.662-CARS), and use a child safety seat on every trip.

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