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Benefit plans for Caleb Sitterud

Caleb Sitterud the son of Randy and Cathy Sitterud of Castle Dale, has sustained multiple head injuries as a result of a serious car accident. He is in ICU in very serious condition, and expected to recover, though he will remain there for an unknown amount of time and require many surgeries.

The family and friends are asking for donations to help with all the medical expenses that will be incurred. An account is set up at Wells Fargo. There will also be a benefit dinner held on Sat., Jan. 20 from 5-9 p.m. at Critter Country Fixins. A roast beef dinner will be served for $10 a plate. A silent auction will also be held during those hours.

Orangeville burglaries

There have been a rash of burglaries in Orangeville and Castle Dale beginning in late December. Three homes were broken into prior to the Christmas holiday and several items were stolen during this time. Det. Sgt. Robert Blackburn and Deputy Shaun Bell investigated this string of robberies.

This investigation led them to a female subject who is a county resident. She was interviewed on Jan. 3 and gave a confession. The stolen items were recovered and are being held for evidence. This suspect will have to take a polygraph test to see if she has any involvement in other burglaries. She was given a drug test which she failed.

There have also been several thefts of prescription drugs from homes. These drug related burglaries are still under investigation.

Another burglary took place on Jan. 7 at an Orangeville home. The suspect gained entry into the home by kicking in a basement window. He fled from the home through an upstairs bedroom window when he was startled by the arrival home of the residents.

The burgler left footprints in the snow and impressions of these prints were taken which led to the arrest of the subject. The subject confessed to the break-in and due to a mental condition he is currently being held in the state mental hospital.

The suspect while in the home damaged the lower compartment on a gun cabinet while apparently trying to gain access to a weapon inside the compartment.

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