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Commission appoints new public lands members


The Emery County Commissioners acted to fill the available positions on the Emery County Public Lands Council at their Jan. 16 meeting. The positions were advertised and 13 applicants filed for the four available positions. Three seats expired for current lands council members included: Gary Petty, Tory Ward Killian and Dickson Huntington. These seats were up for filling as well as one vacancy on the council that went unfilled for 2006.

The 13 applicants were: Richard C. Beardall, Vallyn Bernard, James Gilson, Dickson Huntington, Tory Ward Killian, Warren L. Oviatt, Gary Petty, Clifford Snow, Randall Stilson, Joe Trenery, Carol Ware, Mark H. Williams and Doug Wright.

The public lands council makes their recommendations and forwards that information on to the commission. In the January lands council meeting the council voted on the 13 applicants and these vote totals were forwarded to the commission for their consideration.

Commissioner Jeff Horrocks made the motion that Richard Beardall, Randall Stilson, James Gilson and Gary Petty fill the open positions. Commissioner Gary Kofford seconded the motion and the names were approved. The next public lands council meeting will be held on Feb. 13 at 10 a.m. where the new members will receive their assignments on the council. Bruce Wilson is the current chairman for the Emery County Public Lands Council and other members include: Sherrel Ward, Vernell Rowley-vice chairman, Priscilla Burton, the Commissioners Gary Kofford, Drew Sitterud and Jeff Horrocks. The public lands council director Ray Petersen is the advisor to the council and a spokesman between the council and the Emery County Commission.

All federal agencies as well as the Washington representatives and state agencies report to the council each month on all public land issues involving Emery County. The lands council serves as an advisory council to the commission and makes suggestions and recommendations to the commission.

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