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ATV Accident


A Ferron man was injured in an ATV accident on the road up Ferron Canyon. He was traveling up the road with his ice fishing equipment on his way to a reservoir farther up the canyon. The road was packed with snow and ice and his front right tire hit the soft snow along the edge of the road and flipped the ATV and it rolled down a 35 foot embankment.

The ATV landed upon the man and the full weight of the machine didn't rest upon the man as the scrub oak broke the fall of the machine.

Brett Guymon had been up the canyon with his dogs looking for cougars and saw the man riding alone go over the embankment.

He rendered aid at the scene and removed the ATV from the man. Guymon traveled on down the canyon to where he could get cell phone reception and called the accident into the Emery County dispatch. Ferron firemen and EMTs and Sgt. Les Wilberg responded to the scene.

The man was brought up the embankment strapped to a backboard and he was transported to the Castleview Hospital in Price with reported hip and shoulder injuries.

Emery County Sheriff LaMar Guymon said, "This accident could have been so much worse if Brett Guymon hadn't come upon the accident when he did. The man wouldn't have been visible down the embankment and as he was traveling alone, he wouldn't have been missed for several hours, or even overnight as no one was home at his residence to report him missing. In the winter, in this severe weather, it is imperative that you let someone know where you are going and when you will be back. Don't travel alone if it can be avoided and take utmost caution under these conditions. We were very fortunate with the outcome of this accident."

The man injured was listed as Richard Nielson, 48, from Ferron.

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