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Pinewood derby results

This scout cheers as the racers cross the finish line. The cars race in each of the four lanes.

The Cub Scouts in Orangeville held their Pinewood Derby at the church recently. Orangeville packs 300, 305 and 904 participated.

The results are: Pack 300-Webelos: first place, Josh Trolin; second place, Alex Stilson; and third place, Hayden Johnson. Bears: first place, Riley Christianson and second place, Cache Leavitt. Wolves: first place, Kyler Stilson; second place, Kolby Butler; and third place, Britton Childs. Other scouts participating were: Charlie Turner, Evan Swenson, Chris Anderson, Kolton Butler, Tristan Tuttle, Jason Roberts and Sheldon Frandsen.

Pack 305-Webelos: first place, McKlayne Moss; second place, Austin Jeffs; and third place, Jordan Tuttle. Bears: first place, Mykel Riddle, and second place, Robert Boyer. Wolves: first place, Brinler Tanner; second place, Riley Rasmussen; and third place, Braydon Lake. Other scouts participating were: Ryan Cox, Andrew Manning and Mason Moss.

Pack 904: Bears: first place, Braydon Roberts; second place, Tatye Webster; and third place, Tanner Hoffman. Wolves: first place, Chase Jewkes; second place, Tristan Deabenderfer; and third place, Alex Brown. Other scouts participating were: Kevin Butler, Kannon Toomer, Striker Farmer and Wyatt Cox.

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