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Letter to the Editor: Women's rest rooms

St. George


In May 2006, the Women's rest room equity bill unanimously approved by the New York City Council requiring all public facilities to uphold a 2 to 1 ratio of toilets in the women's rest rooms. One toilet in the men's rest room would require two toilets in the women's rest rooms. A male urinal is considered the same as a toilet.

Also, any structure coming under new remodeling renovations costing more than 25 percent of the county's assessors value of the building would come under the act. Singapore and Hong Kong have the same ruling. Honolulu approved a similar measure on Dec. 7, 2006.

I know of no theater in Branson, Mo. that is not following this rule. In fact, in some theaters even more so.

Is it the men's fault the potty parity act has not been passed in Utah? Not entirely, there are 27 active women Utah State legislators. They must be bashful, or it does not bother them to stand in line.

The wives of those male legislators could inform their husbands, "You pass the act or you go to bed hungry."

Women who go to the polls to vote in the general elections could inform their district's legislator, "No action on the women's potty parity act, no vote from me at the voters booth."

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