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Letter to the Editor: Voucher Windfall?

Vernal Utah


I am a public school teacher who is now extremely excited about vouchers. I have taught for 30 years in the state of Utah at a salary lower than most teachers in the nation. Now I can start my own private schools and more than double my salary in a single year for each private school I start.

It's going to be easy to start a private school. The only requirements I must meet are to: 1. teach 40 students (easy, I now teach 180 students) 2. give a standardized test once a year (easy, I now give more than a dozen tests) 3. be audited once every four years (easy, I am accountable every year for every penny I now spend in my six science classes) 4. be college educated and or skilled (I'm better than that I'm licensed to teach and have 30 years experience).

In my private school the legislature is going to allow me to teach anything I want. I don't have to follow the state core, and I don't even have to teach a certain number of days or hours. I can see a lot of niches that need to be filled to help our student population, so I may want to start a chain of specialty schools. A private school for gay students, where they felt safe and respected, could be set up in every community. Specialized science schools emphasizing evolution and dedicated to the worship of Darwin would help students value their place in the world and universe. In Southern Utah, schools teaching the precepts of polygamy would be popular. The possibilities are endless. All this at taxpayer expense.

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