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Letter to the Editor: Champs



Exhilarating display of a special combination of motivation and execution of learned human behavior. It was only a basketball game, right?

As a spectator I was not very surprised by the outcome of the basketball game but absolutely impressed by the great display of coaching and execution of skill by the team players. There is no doubt in my mind of the talented young people living in Emery County.

It became very apparent, as I watched the Emery County girls basketball championship game, that champions are groomed. Each individual has an ability to be the best they can become, if guided by competent instruction. These individuals, coached as they are, receive the advantages necessary to succeed to their fullest degree of achievement in the basketball game, as well as in life in general.

Having been an invested spectator with a kid in the sports program over the years it was, at best, frustrating to watch talented young people lose their motivation, concentration, confidence and therefore the game.

It has always been so apparent to me the talent exists and only needs to be nurtured. And so disappointing when the opposite occurs, time and time again. "A coach is a coach, is a coach." Not.

Coaching calls for a lot of dedication and, even more so, qualified instruction. It's such a reward for everyone involved in the game when " a plan comes together." Most impressive, to me, was the winning attitude of players. They were all motivated to be winners by a very competent coach.

It was a great thing to watch those deserved young ladies become champions and a dedicated coach become such an important contributor to their lives. What a full court press.

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